The Low Hanging Fruit of Innovation

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Innovation was always a core component of my career. Before I retired, I was responsible for Innovations that affected nearly $1 Trillion USD in assets. The problems I was asked to solve always came across as “May, that person is frustrated and has a lot of staff and resources. Go figure out why.” One day, a colleagued asked me a simple set of questions:

  1. How are you always able to come up with ideas?
  2. Can you actually teach others to become more innovative?

As complementary as this might seem, my colleagues point was anything but. The first was meant to question whether consistency was possible. The second was about scalability.

I retired before age 40 and traveled the world. Still, I kept coming back to these questions. The Low Hanging Fruit of Innovation is my attempt to describe why some people can innovate easily and consistently. Innovation to me is simply a type of problem solving, and the answers come down to understanding 7 differences in how the world is changing.

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