AirBrush_20181102224354May Ling is a traveler and advisor to businesses and specialty projects. She helps top executives, founders, and board members achieve their company or organization’s vision.

She began her career Goldman Sachs where she assisted in investor meetings for over 200 companies.  At age 24, she co-founded a nutraceutical business that generated over $2M in revenue in a span of 2 years.  She soon returned to finance and was consulting asset managers globally on quantitative products by then Morgan Stanley owned Barra. Within a few years, she moved to a hedge fund and was managing equity short hedge portfolio for a then $8 Billion New York hedge fund. Where as she had started her career understanding what made companies investible, this period helped her understand the things companies do to loose their equity market value.

Ultimately, she was a founding partner of The Kiski Group, a boutique financial services firm that offered Asset Management, Risk, and Consulting Services. At Kiski, she lead the Analytic department and later created and ran the Innovations Consulting Business to help large asset managers with speciality projects.

May Ling’s expertise spans strategy, innovation, financial services, investments, statistical research, systems development, staffing and culture development, entrepreneurism and entrepreneurialism. She has worked with C-Suite executives at some of the largest firms to help them brainstorm, clarify strategy, and achieve their goals.

One of the areas for which she has always been very focused is skills development and mentorship of young talent. In this regard, she recently released a course on Udemy related to Speed Reading and is slated to do a series of courses to help young and mid-career professionals get started, work through difficulties, and thrive. 

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