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Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers – You will need to get tickets in advance. Sometimes an entire day will book out due to a special event. Usually, you are ok, to book somewhat last minute. The key time is sunset. You’ll want to pick the time about 1/2 to 1 hour before. There are 3 spots for pictures, the bridge, the high viewing station, and another waiting station.

Batu Caves – You should go first thing in the morning, but def before 7am. It’s really hot, so it’s a more comfortable climb. Also with every hour a sea of tourists arrive. If you REALLY love climbing upstairs with a lot of people surrounding you taking pictures, then arrive whenever.  Otherwise. Seriously early.  Will be posting a link to my review on tripadvisor once approved.  Give yourself 2-3 hours.

Museum Negara

Museum Negara – This is more like a museum of history than art. It will show you the socio-political changes that the land has seen since the dawn of time. Malaysia maybe a new country, but it’s old land, with the world’s oldest rainforest. It’s not a must do, but if you have time I’d stop by.


The whole city is foodie central to the point where it’s impossible to think in terms of “best.” Here are some suggestions though, if you’re there for 2 days and simply can’t make a mistake.

Jalon Alor – Touristic and one of the remaining truly street fair type spots.  All of the booths have their own yumminess.  I would try to save enough stomach to try a restaurant but also grab a snack from the booth.  Grab, train, and the free KLGO shuttle all take you there.

Petaling Street – This has a bunch of great options. The link lists a lot of the restaurants. There is also an area with a lot of stalls. Those offer great street food. It’s worth it to go from stall to stall and just pig out.

Kin Kin Restaurant – I super dug this place. It’s not near anything in particular… some mosques. But if you have the spare time and want something deliciously on the Chinese Malaysian Side check this place out.

Tg Nasi Kandar – Also super delicious if you are looking for Indian Malaysian fare. I’ve linked generally but will add a link later.

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